OctoRelease was founded by Ayla Tasoz and Suzanne Vink-Hermeling. During the startup phase a lot of advice was given by Didier Hallard. All three have become acquainted with each other during their time at OctoPlus. During brainstorm sessions for the most appropriate name, the octop(l)us came in sight. Because an octopus as 3 hearts and the idea was to start with the three persons from OctoPlus, OctoRelease seemed the most appropriate name.

During the start-up it was noticed that a project manager related to CMC would be highly beneficial. Hence Aloysia Wartenberg was hired.

Aloysia has 10 years + experience in development and manufacturing of drug products, including small molecules and antibodies. 

Over the past years she has led multiple projects such as process improvement, technology transfers and scale-up/scale-up. She has worked on development of compounds at every part of their life cycle, from Phase 1 clinical development to Biological License Application (BLA) and life cycle maintenance of marketed products.

Aloysia is organized and reliable and will help you and your team to establish and meet timelines.

Aloysia Wartenberg
Aloysia Wartenberg
Suzanne Vink

Suzanne has a lot of experience in QA and QP consultancy. She has her own consultancy company (Svinx Consultancy BV) and helps companies setting up and maintaining their quality
system and also acts as QP for these companies. At OctoRelease she will be the QP.

Ayla is experienced in Regulatory Affairs and shown leadership for her work with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry.

She is experienced and knowledgeable in the implementation of European regulations and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Biotech/Biologics professional with excellent technical experience and highly motivated with solid skills across multiple disciplines including Research and Development (R&D), manufacturing, quality assurance, quality control and quality systems, seeks challenges.

A problem solver, organized, pays strong attention to detail, analytical and critical thinking skills, experienced trainer, and collaborates with colleagues to ensure delivery of exceptional quality.

Ayla Tasoz
Ayla Tasoz

OctoRelease has a virtual office at Element Offices in Leiden where we can meet and have client meetings if needed.